Laser Engraving is produced on clay bricks and pavers, clay tiles and ceramic tiles. The combination of computer and high power laser light enables us to engrave highly detailed graphics and artistic text at a very low cost compared to other engraving methods. The intense laser light turns the engraved surface to a glass. The result is a very detailed image that is permanently apart of the brick, even with the surface of the brick. This process is excellent for all climates. For more information on fundraising opportunities click here.


For Laser Brick Engraving:

  • 4"x8" bricks allow three lines of text with 20 characters per line (spaces and punctuation are part of the count).
  • 8"x8" bricks allow six lines of text with 20 characters per line (spaces and punctuation are part of the count).
  • Laser engraved brick including a symbol/logo will permit no more than 15 characters per line and three lines of text. Check out our fonts.
  • A limited lifetime warranty on laser engraved bricks, providing proper installation and maintenance procedures are followed. We guarantee the laser engraved lettering will stay intact for the life of the brick paver. Click here for copy of Midwest Engraving's warranty.


Durability: once the laser engraves the brick, the writing and graphics are permanently apart of the paver. The engraving is guaranteed for the lifetime of the brick.

Weathering: the laser engraving is excellent for cold weather climates.

Detail: laser engraving can accommodate more characters per line as well as more detailed graphics.

Brick color choices: MWE has the resources to supply your project with pavers from the best brick manufacturers. Paver manufactures offer quality pavers and a variety of colors to choose from. If you have existing engraved pavers and you would like to replace or add-on to the project, we can closely match your existing engraving.


At Midwest Engraving, we work with suppliers than can provide durable bricks in standard 4"x8", 6"x6", 8"x8", or in custom sizes. A variety of colors are also available. A sampling of the clay brick suppliers and color selections include:

Belden Bricks- Most popular color being a Regimental Red.

Pine Hall Brick- Most popular color being a English Edge Red.

Whitacre Greer- Most popular color being a 30 Clear Red Rustic.

Providing material for your projects is optional.